93OZ Smoothwall Aluminum Foil Food Container YY220 2750ML

Description Top Out: 220mm
Base: 176mm
Height: 100mm
Capacity: 2750ml
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SmoothwallFoil Containers.

1.Excellent Seal Properties - Full tightness of the 

packaging through high seal integrity

2.Lightweight - Low packaging weight leads to 

savings in transport costs

3.Versatility - Formability allows to create a wide 

variety of different sizes and shapes

4.Brand Positioning - Differentiation through attractive 

shapes and multicolour printing;

Ready For Advantages

1.Food Grade Material : Nontoxic, harmless and healthy

2.Frozen : It can be stored under -40°degree centigrade

3.Oven : Heat resistant, possibility of use in grill and ovens      

4.Long shelf life : Possibility of product freshness retention and keep long life

5.Corrosion Resistance: It is highly resistant to various forms of corrosion

6.Recyclable : Recyclable, environment friendly, and energy saving

7.Barrier Property : It forms a total barrier to light, odour, bacteria and moisture

8.Convenient Heating : Baking heating, microwave oven, fire and so on are available, heat resistance up to 250°

    93OZ Smoothwall Aluminum Foil Food Container YY220 2750ML

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